EDIT: Oliver’s twitter is now back up. The original issue involved a corrupted audio file, and then he stayed offline for another couple weeks because I messed up the network configuration while fixing the original problem.

Due to some spontaneous, unprovoked technical difficulties, Oliver’s twitter account is down. I have moved out to school since the project went online, and so far all remote debugging has failed. The whole apparatus is being shipped to me at school so I can work on it first-hand. I should be able to fix it once it gets here, but I can’t say anything about how long it will take.

For those wondering exactly what went wrong, as far as I can tell everything has gone wrong. My periodic processing script now no longer runs automatically, and when run manually crashes in several places, also an issue with excessive electronic noise in the audio has returned, filling up the memory with far more junk than usual. We will see if any of this is actually fixable, but until then Oliver will remain mute.