• Bark to Text

    As I promised in my last post, A Twitter account for Oliver, I have been working on a bark-to-text translator for Oliver’s twitter account (@OliverBarkBark). The overall process ended up being rather simple. Since the original recordings often capture multiple bark sounds, I needed to split the audio...

  • A Twitter account for Oliver

    My dog Oliver has always been quite vocal, and recently I decided that his thoughts and comments needed to be shared with the world. Thus the @OliverBarkBark project was born. By connecting a Rasberry Pi, a wifi dongle, and a microphone, I was...

  • Enhanced 2D Visibility Project

    For the last year and a half or so, I’ve been working on a project I like to call Enhanced 2D Visibility. Visibility mechanics in 2D games have been around since the original Rogue at least, and more recently in games like Monaco. The basic idea is that if you...

  • Welcome to my Blog

    Welcome! This site will soon be filled with a wide variety of ramblings on math and computer science related topics. Enjoy your stay while I write the first couple of articles.

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